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Ibo-Maraca is an exotic, elegant brand, which includes high quality handmade hats with 100% Toquilla straw from Ecuador.

Each hats requires up to eight hours to weave. Every ibo-Maraca hat is a piece of art, created and signed by distinguished Greek artist, who are focused on quality craftsmanship. Each item is detailed with unique artwork. We have carefully selected the materials and ornaments for this hat. We only use fade proof, waterproof colours suitable for natural fibre.

Ibo-Maraca products are identifiable by several characteristics that differentiate them distinctively from any imitations: All hats carry the red pom-pom -an ibo-Maraca trademark- are embroidered with the ibo-Maraca logo and have a unique band inside and outside of them (leather or horse hair).

All hats come in a special gift box.
Colours may vary due to the uniqueness of each hand painting.
Made in Greece.


  • Handle your hat with hands by the brim – NOT by the crown.
  • DO NOT fold or scrunch the hat, as it will damage the shape and potentially crack the straw.
  • Do not wear in the rain. If your hat gets wet, handle with extreme care until it dries.


  • Dust your hat regularly with a soft brush.
  • Rub stains gently with a damp cloth and mild soap, then wipe dry with a soft towel.


  • To return your hat to its original shape, steam it by holding it above boiling water and reshape with your hands.
  • For the brim, you may iron it under a slightly damp cloth at a low temperature.


  • Store your ibo-Maraca with crowns supported, preferably in its purchase box, in a warm dry place.

You can also stuff the crown with tissue paper, and store the hat in a plastic bag. Do not rest your hat on the brim snapped down, turn the brim back to its original state.